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After 15 year working as a medial analyst I followed my passion and retrained  me as a ceramist. After finishing the technical ceramist education The Crabeth College in Gouda in 1995 and the Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam in the year 2000, I started in 2002 my Ceramic Atelier in Nederwetten. Since then I make my own work, functional as abstract organic. And I give my passion to others, both children as adults in my lessons. As well in art centre as in my own studio.





Paula Groote-Versteegen makes a variety of simple abstract shapes in organic forms. They are all slightly different in form and colour.  Each form has its own mood and cosiness. Together they form a group for security and safety. “Taking part of a similar-minded group where every individual can express him-/herself is a recurring theme in my work.”

Curriculum Vitae

Name:         Paula Groote-Versteegen
Address:      Hoekstraat 56, 5674 NP Nederwetten
Phone:         +31 40284 5414
Birth:           21 juli 1961, Zoeterwoude
Country:      The Netherlands
Email:          pgroote@onsnet.nu
Website:      http://www.grooteversteegen.nl
Member of the Dutch Assiocation of Ceramics (NVK)

Art Education:
2003-present    Didactic training for Artists  at  School of Arts in Amsterdam
1995-2000         Gerrit Rietveld Academie dep. Ceramics in  Amsterdam
1991-1995         Crabeth College Ceramics  in Gouda                 
Various master-workshops by artists: Ed Knops, Lou Smedts, Sasha Wardell,
Piet Stockmans and institutes as EKWC and Atelier Cirkel

Study Trips:

2018 Study trip to South-China, Happy Mountain Kiln Center in Pindong, Gaoan Country, Fujian
2012 Study trip to  Zuid-Korea, Gangjin Celadon Festival and Tour
2008 Study trip to  Kroatie,  Chawan Atetje Janja Gora in Plaski
2000 Study trip to  India, Bastar Project in Kondagon

Solo Exhibitions:
2014 “Strijdperk” tile installation in the ‘Oude Werf” in Son
2006 Kunstcollege in Weert
2002 CWI in  Amsterdam
2001 Galerie Art' 88 in Nuenen
1996 Cheese making Farm in Rustdam in Zoeterwoude

2012 Retirement Gift for Pharmacist in Eindhoven
2005 Last sacrament set  for  the  Academic Medial Center in Maastricht
2002 Totems project  by Cheese Farm Rustdam in Zoeterwoude
2000 Tile Tableau's in Day Restaurant "New Dutch " in Nijmegen

Selection of important Group Exhibitions:

2018 NVK NVK “Ode to the Nature” in Von Grimborn Bomenmuseum in Doorn

2017 Bottle and Boxes, Internationale expo in Vichte , Belgie

2016 19de  (Miaoli) and 20ste  ( Nantoe) Internationale Chawan

Exhibition in Taiwan

2016 Kubra Jubileum tentoonstelling in the "Bank van Leening" in Den Bosch
2015 KuBra Tentoonstelling in the "Oude Raadhuis" in Beek en Donk and in 'De Steenfabriek" in Gilze
2015 Internationale Chawan Exhibition Hemiksem and in Vichte, Belgie
2014 KERA-MIX in Zoetermeer
2014 40 jarig Jubileum NVK in Deventer
2014 Internationale Chawan Exhibition in Singapore
2013 Internationale Chawan Exhibition in Taiwan
2013 NVK “Ode to the Nature” in Von Grimborn Arboretum in Doorn
2012 Gangjin Celedon Festival en Exhibition in Zuid -Korea
2012 “De Smederij” Exhibition of students and teacher in Son
2012 Art’88 Nuenen Art Teachers  of Art Center CAN in Nuenen
2008 Chawan Exhibition in Atelier Janja Gora in Plaski in Kroatie
2008 Home Exhibition with  Cilia Odijk, Nederwetten
2004 “Rietveld naar de Beurs” in the  Beurs van Berlage in  Amsterdam
2003 Kunstevent in het Beursgebouw in Eindhoven
2003 Galerie Bon Ton in Stiphout
2003 “Rietveld naar de Beurs” in de Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam
2002 Kunstevent in het Beursgebouw in Eindhoven
2002 Galerie "de Bunders" in St. Oedenrode
2001 Salon V van NBKS in Breda
2001 Galerie "de Bunders" in St. Oedenrode
2001 Kunstschouw in Westschouwen
2000 "Crossroads" in Vormgevingsinstituut in Amsterdam
2000 ABN-AMRO show cases from the Vijzelgracht and  the Rembrandsplein in Amsterdam
2000 Bastar project in Kondagon, federal state Madhya Pradesh, India
2000 “Rietveld naar de Beurs” in de Beurs van Berlage te Amsterdam
2000 Final Exam Gerrit Rietveld Academie department Ceramics in Amsterdam
1999 "Parc of the Future" project  in the Westergas Fabric in Amsterdam
1999 "Open Stal" in Oldeberkoop
1999 "Gold” Exhibition in De Nederlandsche Bank in Amsterdam
1997 “Boter bij de Vis” in Amsterdam
1995 Final End Exam Ceramics in  Crabeth College  in Gouda


Keramiek Atelier Paula Groote-Versteegen

Hoekstraat 56     

5674 NP Nuenen  

tel. nr. 040-2845414

mobiel nr.06-22402272 

mail: pgroote@onsnet.nu

IBAN  NL96 ASNB 0781 2725 48


Keramiek Atelier Paula Groote-Versteegen staat voor het onderwijzen van kennis en actief bevorderen  van vaardigheden op keramiek gebied en experimenteren met  technieken in de beeldende kunst.